Barcelona Rooftops

Whenever visiting a new city I make sure to spend one or two nights in an extra posh hotel, and the rest in the cheapest place I can find - just to maximize the chance for some classy photo ops like this.

This HDRI works great for matte paintings and architectural renders. The vista looks great outside windows, and the sunrise floods the scene with golden light. Works best when combined with a directional light for the sun, which is then tuned to taste.

Example Renders:

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  • Stacks Image 973
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  • All examples rendered in Modo, no external postprocessing.
  • Rendered using 8K background pano (included in all 3 license levels).
  • Directional light added for shadow control (automated via Smart IBL).
  • Cubebot model provided by Christophe Desse.
  • Natalie model provided by Andrew Silke.

Dynamic Range Preview:



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41.38503265, 2.17812109

Similar Environments:

Hollywood Rooftop A
Stacks Image 496

Hollywood Rooftop A

  • Location: Hollywood
  • Shot: December 2013
  • Tags: outdoor, evening, sunset, golden hour, rooftop, urban, Los Angeles, skyline
  • Dynamic Range: 14EVs
  • Max Resolution: 16K
Stacks Image 503
Navajo Hut
Stacks Image 570

Navajo Hut

  • Location: Arizona
  • Shot: November 2007
  • Tags: outdoor, shade, desert, dirt, red, cottage, hut
  • Dynamic Range: 14EVs
  • Max Resolution: 8K
Stacks Image 577
Rue de Colombier B
Stacks Image 644

Rue de Colombier B

  • Location: Saint Martin
  • Shot: January 2016
  • Tags: outdoor, sunny, countryside, noon, rural, road, cows, pasture, tropical
  • Dynamic Range: 14EVs
  • Max Resolution: 16K
Stacks Image 651
Vineyard Sunrise B
Stacks Image 681

Vineyard Sunrise B

  • Location: California
  • Shot: June 2017
  • Tags: outdoor, summer, sunny, morning, sunrise, vineyard, agriculture, earth, warm
  • Dynamic Range: 14EVs
  • Max Resolution: 16K
Stacks Image 688
Stacks Image 885

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