Shortcuts: PMatix 5, HDRLightStudio, HDR video, Dual ISO

Here's a quick summary of various new HDR tools and toys that popped up recently.

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Photomatix Pro 5.0 Beta

Our friends at HDRSoft have been working hard on the next generation of Photomatix.
  • All-new Tonemapping algorithm "Contrast Optimizer" promises very natural results
  • Automatic Deghosting now offers a preview and hero image selection (very nice)
  • Realtime preview during tonemapping
  • Highlight recovery from RAW files
  • and much more
It's a really great update, I highly recommend checking it out!

Download Photomatix 5 Beta

HDR Light Studio integrates live with MODO and Bunkspeed

This is very close to my heart, since I'm an avid MODO user myself.
HDR Light Studio is a unique app for creating/editing spherical HDR panos for lighting purpose (see the quick introduction in my HDRI Handbook 2.0, pages 631-632 ). It's a total niche field, and may at first sound odd or unnecessary, but the way it is executed makes it completely amazing. HDR Light Studio offers:
  • Spotlights and soft boxes with real-world settings for power (Watts) and color (Kelvin)
  • Growing library of HDR image elements, real studio light sources, ready to drop in
  • Select and position light sources by clicking on the highlights in your render
  • Live connection shows the result immediately in your 3D apps preview renderer

Putting all this lighting power at your fingertips, HDR Light Studio has quickly become the standard for industrial designers, especially in the automotive field.

Download the HDR Light Studio demo (registration required)
or see lots of eye candy on their blog.

New HDR Video samples for download

If chapter 7.4.1 in my HDRI-Handbook 2.0 has made you curious about HDR video (pages 596-600), then you will be delighted to hear that our friend Jonas Unger from the Linköping University has updated his HDRv repository.

You can download a variety of video clips, all captured with the infamous Spheron HDRv camera prototype. Files are provided as EXR sequence, ready for your own experiments in Nuke, Fusion, or After Effects. There are even some clips with mirror ball footage to get your feet wet with HDR video-based lighting (example here).

Go grab the goodies from the LiU HDRv Repository

Magic Lantern gets a Dual-ISO mode

The Magic Lantern firmware enhancement for Canon DSLRs now offers the ultimate HDR mode!

Dual ISO means half the sensor is read out with ISO 100 and the other half with ISO 1600 (or any other, for that matter). So you get two exposures at the exact same time! Time to say good-bye to ghost removal. Moving subjects are not an issue with this camera mod, as all the amazing examples clearly prove.

Download the Dual-ISO module

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