Unified Color announces HDR-Express

And you thought we already have enough HDR tools. Think again.

HDR is increasingly expanding into the consumer field. While there are several options out for pros, the new trend is to make things easy and accessible. Unified Color has already proven with HDR Expose and 32 Float that they're on the frontier of quality HDR editing. But for a quickie edit that's often overkill and takes too much time. Instead of scaling back the pro features, Unified Color rather diversifies their product palette.

HDR Express reduces the complexity to only few sliders. I was skeptical, of course, but after a hands-on session it turns out this is actually great.
  • it's lightning fast
  • very intuitive
  • has visual presets
  • slider names and their effects feel familiar right away
  • always-on halo reduction
  • really really really fast. really.
  • full size processing all the time, WYSIWYG with no surprises afterwards

Highslide JS

The controls behave like common Lightroom adjustments, except with much more room to play.
  • Brightness = LR Exposure
  • Highlight = LR Recovery
  • Shadows = LR Fill Light
  • Contrast = LR Clarity mixed with a Local Contrast boost (this is my favorite slider, actually)
  • Black Point, Saturation and White Balance are exactly what you expect.

HDR Express is a great addition to the arsenal when Fast&Easy is your thing. Do I miss all the advanced stuff like targeted color tweaks, sharpening and veiling glare removal? Sure, for my hero shots I do. But when I have 30 HDR images on my plate to be delivered tomorrow, HDR Express will get the job done with minimum compromises on quality.

Did I mention that it's fast? Part of the new speedy processing core will eventually make it into HDR Expose, which would be highly appreciated.

It will be available in December for $85, or for current customers $50. If you're in New York you can get a demo at PhotoPlus Expo Booth #673. The rest of us can read the Press Release and the new product page.

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