New sIBL collections: Dutch Skies 360 Vol.3 + 3DTotal

Bob Groothuis did it again.

Time after time Bob went out on that mole in Scheveningen, Netherlands to capture the most spectacular skies for you. Completely unobscured skies they are, horizon to horizon nothing but clouds and sky. Just what you need to wrap around any arbitrary 3D scene you like.

If Volume 1 and 2 were awesome, Dutch Skies Volume 3 turns out to be Killer! To give you a taste of it, Bob is giving away one complete sky package as sIBL-of-the-month. It's a whopping 225 MB download, and now imagine 39 of these delivered on 2 dual-layer DVDs. That's what you'll get in the new DS360 Vol. 3:

[ Download the DS360 Vol.3 Catalog - 22 MB ]

You can actually win this collection when you enter Bob's render contest. And while you're there, check out his Interview with Gerardo Estrada.

... but wait, there's more:

3DTotal releases Medieval City Collection

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CG Vespa by Torsten Pflug.
Lighting setup completely automatic with Smart IBL, using a sIBL set from 3DTotal's new Medieval City Collection, rendered in Maya using Mental Ray.

I'm completely thrilled to announce that UK's Number One CG artist community joins the Smart IBL revolution.

3DTotal is known for providing high quality textures, that you can really use. I used them a lot in the past, actually, because they are always clean, artist-approved, and high resolution. Their first sIBL-DVD is no exception: it's a Medieval City Collection, ready to become the backdrop for your ZBrush'ed orcs, elves, or hobbits. Or, if your name is Torsten Pflug, your photoreal CG Vespa.

Make sure to watch the demo movie on the bottom of the shop page, it's probably the sweetest quick introduction to Smart IBL I've ever seen.

As it has become a tradition for new sIBL vendors, 3DTotal donated some free sample sIBLs for our archive. How awesome, thank you!

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