Update roundup

There is a new version of sIBL-Edit running on Linux now, still considered kind of experimental, but eventually a huge leap towards embedding SmartIBL in a professional production pipeline. If you're running Debian or Kubuuntu, please give it a shot and post a report in the forum - even if it works just fine for you.

The highly anticipated 2.5 update for Photomatix Pro is out, both in Windows and Mac flavor. More stability, more EXIF data getting piped through to the output images, and the tone mapper has more control over the shadows and highlight portions of the image. Free update for registered users, so go grab it!

Also, the popular panorama stitcher PTGui 7.0 has just left beta stage. Lots and lots of new features, notably direct Quicktime VR output, better EXIF data support, and the killer feature is that the Pro version can stitch HDR panos directly from a bunch of exposure bracketing sequences.

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