Bracketmeister hacks your Canon to shoot big brackets

Nope, this is not a product, but a homegrown remote controller that is easily replicated. It's also a testament how far HDR photographers have to go, because Canon keeps ignoring their needs. 30 seconds maximum exposure is ridiculous for nightshots, and 3-frame exposure bracketing is even more ridiculous.

I reported about Steve Chapman's ingenious Nintendo DS-controller before (which is evolving into a real powerhouse of features, btw). But if all you want is shooting 7-frame brackets with +-2 EV intervals, no matter how long your longest exposure, then Joergen Geeds might have just found the solution for you:

Bracketmeister 0.32 on Arduino interface

What looks like a basement project for months is actually all set up on ready-made hardware. It is an Arduino USB board with a Nokia display, ready to use if you know how to code.
Joergen is nice enough to provide the Bracketmeister code as open source, so check it out. While you're there, make sure to see some of his amazing views of New York City!

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