Video manipulation on a whole new level

This is only border-lining our HDR topic, but it's just too awesome to go unmentioned.

Not that any of these example clips would be impossible to create today. But they require a lot of manual work from a skilled VFX artist. In fact, the "We shot it wrong - you fix it!" category is the bread and butter of the VFX industry today. It's tedious, uninspiring, and sometimes even aggravating work. Any help from a push-button automatic is welcome. Currently Mokey is the closest production-ready tool, and at EdenFX we make extensive use of it. Mixed in with After Effects, Fusion, and some 3d reconstruction in Lightwave, we get stuff done. But it's nowhere nearly as automatic as in the video shown above.

Read more on this amazing new algorithm on the project's homepage. Especially the Spacetime Fusion technique described is a required reading for ever developer making tonemapping software - could be helpful for making After Effects plugins. (hint hint nudge nudge)

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