Holiday Updates and Specials

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Just in: 50% on HDR Darkroom and new HDR Photo Pro

EverImaging joins the bargain party, offering incredible 50% off with the coupon code MCNY2011. They also have a new "Pro" app, because that seems to be the most popular name appendix this year, which has many more features compared to HDR Darkroom.

15% off HDR Express

HDR Express is out in the wild, currently on holiday special for $84.15 instead of $99.-.

It's the new tone-mapper from Unified Color, that is super-fast and super-easy to use. Read my preview report here. Recommended for beginners, maybe as last-minute gift for that old-school photographer buddy of yours? Pros probably need more controls, and won't be happy about missing EXR and Radiance support. But the 15% holiday special actually applies to all Unified Color apps, just use the coupon code HOLIDAY2010.

40% off Magic Bullet Photolooks

Magic Bullet Photolooks, however, is on the opposite end of the professional scale. It brings curves, vignettes, blurs, targeted colortweaks, and a myriad of other adjustments to Photoshop - all in full 32 bits. And right now you can get it for $119.40 instead of $199 with Red Giant's store-wide 40% special. Use the code BIGSALE2010 on checkout. If you're a compositor, this might also be your ticket to grab a discounted copy of Primatte or everything from Trapcode (all plugins I couldn't live without in my day job).

12% - 24% off HDR Efex Pro 1.1

Nik Software's HDREfex Pro was updated to 1.1 already. Since the major selling point of this software are artistic and creative looks, this update answers the popular demand to work in 8- and 16-bit modes in Photoshop CS 3/4. And makes it faster and more stable in general.

It's on a 12% sale right now ($139 instead of $159), along with all other Nik plugins with the coupon code HOLIDAY10. Or get 24% off when it's bundled with the sharpening plugin DFine2.0 with the coupon HEPDF10.

Update: Dynamic Photo HDR 5

DPHDR 5 is out, now with Exposure Fusion goodness and a whole lot of other amazing features, that have accumulated over the years. Match Color, direct Light Mask painting, and an Anti-Ghosting brush that blows Photomatix' clumsy lasso selection out of the water. Doesn't beat the actual anti-ghost algorithm that ends up processing the mask, though. But compared to all the others here, the regular price of $55,- is a bargain already.

Update: PTGui 9

PTGui, the leading pano stitcher, also has brushes in version 9. Here they're used to mask out things like the tripod, pedestrians, or your own shadow from the source images. PTGUI 9 is also faster, has better blending on HDRs, uses the GPU for the preview, and can export panos to HTML5. Most recommended update, even if you fall out of the grace period and actually have to pay for it.

So there ya go, now you know where to spend all the cash you have left over this year.

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