HDRI in Photoshop CS5

Jack Howard had some time to play with CS5. Here's what's new:

  • No more need to buy Extended, HDR Layers and Brushes trickled down to CS5 Standard
  • Ghost-Removal
  • Better HDR Merge from RAW files
  • More controls in the Local Adaptation tonemapper

Read more in Jack's article on Adorama's TechTock.
There's another great review from Mike Seymour on FXGuide.

On the flip side, I'm getting a bit concerned that Adobe itself is promoting Pseudo-HDR and Merge-straight-to-Tonemapping techniques (video). Obviously intended to serve the Flickr crowd, they are following a trend just when it is about to reverse itself. Because if you're watching the Hot-On-Flickr gallery, you'll notice that "tasteful" is the new trend in tonemapping, and "catchy/cartooninsh" is actually on the decline.

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