GigaPan EPIC is out and we're cracking the 2 Million Mark

First off, a big huge THANK YOU to all my readers!

HDRLabs has officially shot past the 2 Million visitor milestone. It's a bit intimidating to know that I'm speaking to such a large audience here. But also feels good to be heard.

What really pushed traffic over the edge was the Open Camera Controller project.
Since it's launch just about a month ago this project has made huge leaps forward: CircuitBoardsToGo started to feature the OCC board on their front page, volunteers are working on a list of European part suppliers, Achim Berg contributed an improved circuit board layout, and there is even talk about designing a dedicated cartridge housing. Great work guys, I'm really happy to see the community adopt this project so quickly.

GigaPan EPIC: First look by Greg Downing

Photographers that feel more comfortable with ready-made products will be happy to hear that the GigaPan EPIC Pro robot is now available.

The original GigaPan unit has been around for a while. It's very easy to use, and I shot several panos with it (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches, Hollywood Hills). Still, it bothered me to that it was limited to point-and-shoot cameras. GigaPan EPIC Pro changes that.

Compared to mine, this new unit seems like a worthy upgrade: Much better battery solution, real remote release cable (instead of that clunky lever pushing the camera's release button), and a U-shaped bracket to hold the weight of a DSLR.

Here's Greg Downing's review:

Gigapan Epic Pro (DSLR version) Review from xRez Studio on Vimeo.

The wobbly construction is easily fixed and seems to be a manufacturing exception. Michael James from reports the unit arrived in sturdy condition.

Read more: Greg Downing's full review on the XRez Blog.

More sIBL sets for you.

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If you missed the March issue of 3DWorld (or got one without DVD), this is your lucky day. Until May 4 you can download all 8 exclusive sIBL sets directly from the 3DWorld blog.

On top of that, I just updated the sIBL-of-the-Month. A little late, but worth the wait...

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