Back from the depths

Hey everybody,

This blog was awfully quiet lately, and the reason is that I poured every waking minute into finishing the book. Now it's done.

You read that right: The HDRI Handbook 2.0 is finally delivered. Yay! It's twice the pages of the first one, I spent twice the amount of time writing it (the last two years, in fact). So it really is a true version 2.0!

Right now the manuscript in the middle of the cycle of copy-editing, layout, and proof reading. It's definitely out on the shelves by Christmas, probably earlier. I will keep you updated.

While we wait I can get this website back into shape, starting with a new sIBL-of-the-month. That's one of my favorite traditions. This month I'm releasing a sunny jungle road from Barbados, on the Cherry Tree Hill to be exact. Check out the panorama!

And here is how this sIBL set looks in modo 601:

All I did was drag and drop it from the preset browser into the viewport. Done. And then rotated the render view (!) until I liked the framing. Reflections, lighting, even the ground shadow under the car - all that is built automatically, and it renders so efficiently that the Render Preview is actually realtime.
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