Lightsmith lets you craft your own studio light

Thomas Mansencal, restless author of sIBL-GUI, has landed another hit with Lightsmith. That's a new class of presets, that will unfold into individual HDR-mapped lights.

Lightsmith is a great companion to the classic, all-encompassing sIBL-environments. It enables you to art direct the lighting, even create a studio lighting from scratch, and still benefit from the richness in color and dynamic range that only HDR images can provide.

Watch this trailer, it's pretty spectacular:

If sIBL-GUI hasn't auto-updated itself already, get the new version here. And you can find the downloads to all the new Lightsmith-sets in the sIBL-Archive. Note, that this is still in the early stages, currently only supported in sIBL-GUI, and only for a limited list of renders:
More setup templates are to come. If you have a clever idea for a setup in one of the unsupported renderers, we would love to hear from you in the forum.

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