Recreating a room from HDR panos in MARI

Scott Metzger sure knows how to impress. In this video he's recreating an entire room in 3D, by projecting HDR panoramas on geometry that was derived from a FARO (3D laser) scanner.

Head on over to to watch the presentation. This is not only a must-see for VFX artists, but also very fascinating for photographers. It will blow your mind how much can be done with HDR panoramas and how much of the 3D scene is in fact coming directly from photographs.
Watch fxguideTV #163: Scott Metzger on Mari and HDR

If that tickles your creative thumb, and you have my new book, then you should take a look at the workflow tutorial in section 7.4.3: Reconstruct a Set in 3D (pages 602 to 616). It's not as sophisticated as Scott Metzger's method (only photos used, because I have no FARO scanner, sadly). So, my tutorial is more along the lines of "what you can do at home on the cheap", but the result is still pretty okay.

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