New Bachelor Thesis: Shooting HDRI for CGI

Pashá Kuliyev just made his Bachelor in Imaging Sciences and Media Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Congratulations, Pashá!

Highlights of his Bachelor thesis are:
  • Comparing mirror balls of different grades and sizes.
  • Fisheye capturing with a custom made panoramic head.
  • Hands-on experience with the SpheronHDR camera.
  • Comparing all three acquisition techniques.
  • Great explanation of radiometric units.
  • Overview of the multi-layer rendering and compositing.

There's a good ratio of well written explanations and formula-proven hard facts in there. HDR Software developers should have a closer look at chapter 2.3, where the Lat-Long mapping equations are discussed. This is the foundation to make your tonemappers panorama-safe. Heck, you should read the whole thing - you'll find thousands of golden information nuggets in this thesis.

Because Pashá is awesome, he offers his full thesis for free download, right here in the Tutorials/Download section.

I'm sure there is a bright future waiting for Pashá. Currently, he's running a CGI workshop at his University. Wonder which big CG house will snatch him for their R&D department...

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