The HDRI Handbook goes to print

Yes! Finally!

Since last week the book is officially out of my hands. Highly skilled print professionals will take it from here, mass-producing big stacks of colored paper that will soon ship to your door. They also make totally legal copies of the Companion DVD, which by the way is going to be filled up with 4.37 Gigs of goodies for you!

Here are some assorted numbers from the final book:

  • 344 full-color pages
  • roughly 100.000 carefully chosen words
  • about 500 photos, renderings, screenshots
  • 5 super-slick comparison tables
  • put in 1400 work hours in 10 months
  • 4 years of preceeding research
  • grew 17 grey hairs, my first ones

From what I was told, the book will be ready to ship around October 25. Yes, I know - another month of waiting. But this time it's for real! The HDRI Handbook is definitely on its way, and everybody involved was working very hard to make it a flawless initial release.
So, if you already ordered - please hang in there. If you were holding off on it, now is the time!

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