Bublcam on Kickstarter: Panoramic HDR Video Cam

I have become addicted to Kickstarter. All the new VR gadgets show up there first and get mad funding. So far I backed the STEM tracker, the castAR glasses, and most recently the Bublcam.

Sure, you can get a similar result by using one of the many GoPro pano rigs. However, this won't be any cheaper because you need 5 GoPro cameras. And you'll get into all sorts of trouble synchronizing them, collecting the footage, and hiding the seams in the stitch. That's why an integrated solution like the Bublcam is much more reliable.

And while there have been several other ball-type all-in-one pano cameras proposed, this one seems to make the most sense:
  • Optimum orientation of the lenses.
  • Small form factor for minimizing perspective shift between sectors.
  • Rather 4 good quality wide-angle lenses than a multitude of cheaper ones.

Highslide JS

The bublcam captures a single 4-quadrant multiplex image. This is the raw .MP4 that comes off the camera and when placed in Bubl software you get a full spherical experience. Also, such source footage is extremely easy to stitch with regular tools like Fusion, Nuke, or After Effects.

But the deciding factor for this blog is that it will also have an HDR mode! This was made possible when the project reached a stretch goal last week.

Now, if everyone here would help giving it an extra push, we can have a time-lapse mode and maybe even double the resolution. There are only 5 days left. So, please, everyone, go ahead and reserve your very own Bublcam on Kickstarter!

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