HDR Symposium coming closer

Siggraph is coming up, but I won't go this time. Still, I'll try to catch some news from what appears on the web. If you're going to New Orleans, make sure to get a first glimpse at the Civetta in Hall G, Booth No. 3331!

Instead, me and Kirt Witte got approved to do an "HDRI for Artists" class at Siggraph Asia. Domo arigato, Yokohama, we're coming!

Also, I will definitely be at the HDR Symposium at Stanford next month. And so will fellow HDR photo-blogger Uwe Steinmüller from www.OutbackPhoto.com and numerous decision makers in the emerging HDR industry. The conference program just got published, and it looks incredibly interesting. I really think this will be a historic event! If you haven't signed up yet - you have two weeks left before late fees apply. So hurry up!

... and then there's the

Monthly Site Update

Right on time I prepared a new sIBL-of-the-month for you, and restarted the Hot-on-Flickr gallery.

Happy August,

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