Happy Holidays!

A bunch of things did not happen in the last few days.
The world did not end on the 21st (hooray!), but also the HDRI-Handbook 2.0 was not delivered by the 24th. I'm a bit baffled myself that this shipment from the Korean printing facility takes this long. Guess the container was stuck it customs (inside joke), or Amazon simply takes the projected release date very very literal. I'm quietly suspecting Amazon is just a machine, or some robotic computer monstrosity that doesn't really celebrate Christmas.

Well, then so be it. Holidays season is just getting started!

December 28 is the official release date, and that's when The HDRI Handbook 2.0 ships! I'm so excited that my book will finally have some readers (950 have pre-ordered it already). Can't wait to hear what you say…

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