Introducing LightBitch

Yet another application that was cooked right here in the HDR Labs!

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Just follow the three steps: load an image, pick some lights, create a light rig.

LightBitch a plugin for LightWave3D, that turns an HDR image into a dome of lights. It's fully integrated and fully interactive.

For the first time ever you have a drag-n-drop interface for sampling light colors from an image. It also includes a Median Cut engine, that will place the lights automatically in an optimized pattern. So it's really up to you how much you want to drive the lights yourself, or how much you want to leave to science...

Other feature highlights are:

  • Realtime Normalizing of Light intensities.
  • Creates the popular "spinning light" rig.
  • Leaves nothing behind but a regular scene: fully FPrime- and farm-proof.
  • Autodetects a previous light rig and lets you tweak it
Sounds good? Then grab that LightBitch here ...

Release note: LightBitch is bookware, means it is bundled with my book. It's fully functional in demo mode, but you will need the HDRI Handbook to disable some annoying nag requesters.

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