RED defines EasyHDR™ and HDRx™ in relation to Epic

RED's leader Jim Jannard has just posted an update on forum linking test footage which was taken in Las Vegas showing off Epic's HDR mode. He defines EasyHDR and HDRx as:

EasyHDR™- done in camera with "Magic Motion".

HDRx™- done in post with either "Magic Motion" or "MNMB" (More Normal Motion Blur).

If you've shot video at night with neon lights blinking like this scene you will instantly be amazed at the dynamic range that is being compressed. Best to check out the forum post and read the pages and pages of responses to get the gist of what's coming :)

UPDATE: September 23rd 2010
Amazingly detailed breakdown of Epic HDRx information posted on Pro Video Coalition by Adam Wilt. He spent 3 hours with Jim Jannard, Jarred Land and Deanan DaSilva (all staff) getting detailed information about Epic HDRx.
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