Lots of free HDRIs

Frequent visitors might have noticed that there was no free HDR in November. Ever since I started the monthly giveaway in June 2007, this was the first month I forgot. Well, just to keep the chain of free HDRIs unbroken, let me make it up for you: December brings 2 new sIBLs-of-the-month!

The first one is an 16K panorama of a landmark church in my home town Halle, Germany. The church sits on a hill surrounded by a green park, which makes it a very popular hangout spot. Zoom in and pan around, and you will discover a champaign bottle, love graffiti, and bikes.

The second HDR is exactly 4 years old, but unreleased. It shows the Christmas Tree in the fancy lobby of Tokyo’s Park Hotel. That’s a super high-class hotel in the heart of the futuristic Shiodome district. The hotel starts at the 25th level, spans 9 levels upwards, and the lobby is an atrium that spans the entire hollowed-out tip of the skyscraper.

This hotel was also used as location in the movie "Lost in Translation". I could only afford two nights there, and of course I switched rooms half-way so I could shoot the cityscape in all directions. Just check out the vista:

3DWorld Advent Special: 4 Dutch Skies

And then there’s Bob Groothuis again. He gives away 4 exclusive Dutch Skies!

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