Smart IBL loves the Mac

For 3D artists this could be a big deal:
The Maya loader for Smart IBL presets is now safe to use on a Mac. It can also hook into mental ray's IBL node, sets the key light accurately, and has lots of stability improvements. It even comes with a shelf icon. In other words: sIBL on Maya is ready for prime time!
sIBL on Lightwave has finally matured to version 1.0 as well. Mac support, 64bit-safe, support for LW9.3's fancy new cameras, and stable like a rock. Now, that's something!

sIBL of the month!

Why don't you just grab the latest sIBL set of the month, and give these new versions a shot! Yes, I'm keeping up the promise - this set has been there since september 1st.

Actually, there is even more than I promised, because in August I've upped a mid-month sIBL. Just because I was so happy to get a full HDR panorama stitched from fully handheld exposure brackets! And it works just fine:

This entire site is in permanent flux right now, even if there isn't always a blog entry on it. Here is a roundup of last week's updates:
  • Added QTpfsGUI and HDRView to the Software Links page.
  • Got great reviews for the book from Kirt Witte and Jack Howard.
  • Beefed up the zeitgeist-style "Hot on Flickr" gallery with that fancy Highslide image viewer.
  • Rewired the comments on the bottom of each blog post to a different service. Leaving a comment doesn't require registration anymore, so there is no reason for you to be quiet!

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