New Utility: Dynamic Photo HDR

Dynamic Photo HDR is the new kid on the block, joining the ranks of HDR utilities. It comes in a sexy outfit, that offers just the right blend of usability and eye-candy interface. And it's prized very competitive at $39 bucks.

Feature-wise I dig:
  • semi-manual ghostbusting with a masking brush (finally!!)
  • alignment via control points, that even warps the images to fit
  • good selection of 6 tonemapping operators: 2 Local + 3 Global TMOs + 1 Hybrid
  • post-adjustments (curves, colors) right in the tonemapping dialog.
What bothers me (at first glance):
  • doesn't run multithreaded, so I have 7 cores just lurking around...
  • tonemapping preview can't be seen at actual pixel size (even though the "Full Preview" button leads to the assumption).
  • no panoramic continuity option for Local TMOs.
If you want to know the full story, read Jack Howard's Review on PopPhoto (don't miss out on the tutorial slideshow), or take this baby on a test drive yourself.

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