Siggraph Part 1: Superimposing DR and Mayan Temples

Well, I'm still stuck in the office for the day, but that gives me a chance to write up some of my early discoveries.

Superimposing Dynamic Range

It was the first page of the first chapter of the Handbook, where I mentioned you could expand the dynamic range of a book when you could somehow print a patch that is brighter than the paper it's printed on. Well, smart students Bimber and Iwai from the Bauhaus-University Weimar & the Osaka University did just that.

So, what is it that we're looking at?

Highslide JS

Daisuke Iwai showing off the superimposed dynamic range.

They snap a picture and project it back onto the image. May sound pointless, but it is a real eyecandy and could potentially have a huge impact on digital photolabs and in medical imaging. And it's also a little more sophisticated than I make it sound - there is realtime calibration going on (because camera and projector have different angles) and instead of a book they have an ePaper display hooked up as projection canvas.

Read their paper, or watch this movie (50 MB DivX).
Better even, visit them in their corner in Hall H.

HDR timelapse panoramas with hotspots

Right around the corner are INSIGHT, a non-profit organization for heritage archival. They made some amazing interactive tours of Mayan and Egyptian temple ruins. It's really fascinating to see these bright people use the newest high-tech to research the oldest structures man ever made.

Two things are specifically impressive about this. They have a novel Mac-based viewer application, that links panos with hotspots and a map, it can leech content from online sources, and even display panoramic timelapse videos. And you can pan in these videos. Totally awesome. The title is a bit misleading, because they do in fact show pre-tonemapped imagery. Not truly HDRI, but still awesome.

Just as awesome is their capturing device: They custom-built a robotic panohead with automatic exposure bracketing. Neato.
Check out the pano page from the Mayan Skies project, or the INSIGHT gallery.

Even better, go visit their booth and say hello! Both projects are in the back of the New Tech Showcase. Here's a map.

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