Panorama Weaving

Earlier this month the SIGGRAPH conference was held in LA, and as usual I scouted out some of the most interesting papers for you. This is one of them:

Panorama Weaving: Fast and Flexible Seam Processing

When shooting panoramas of busy places, things that move through the scene often get bits chopped off on the seam borders. The result is a very special kind of ghosting–not the semitransparent spirits known from HDR merging, but the headless horseman type of ghost. Which is even more disturbing.

PTGui has a dedicated Mask tab to fix this situation, Autopano Giga will have something similar in the upcoming version 3. But now scientists have found a much more intuitive way: instead of masking ghosts in the source images, they propose a method for editing the seam lines directly in the panorama!

Read the paper or check out this video:

Pretty cool, eh? The fact that the editing is done on the final image really does it for me. I can imagine a similar interactive method could also work very well for HDR ghost removal, where the software lets me explore possible solutions and pick the one that looks best…
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