Get the HDRI-Handbook 2.0 in a bundle!

My friends at Unified Color have just released version 3.0 of their professional HDR software line. That includes the stand-alone HDR Expose 3 and the Photoshop plugin 32Float v3 (which is what I use). As cherry on top, you get my HDRI-Handbook 2.0 bundled (the e-book version, that is).

This is an excellent updates, both programs run much faster, and the tonemapping algorithm is much improved. It now uses an adaptive tone curve to tune the overall contrast, similar to Picturenaut's Adaptive Logarithmic method.

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HDR Expose 3 also has a completely revamped HDR merge mode with a nice ghost removal tool (where you can manually pick the hero image for marked areas) and a rock-solid image alignment (where you can manually set down control points and let the frames warp into place accordingly). And of course, there are the trademark features of this product line that I love most: full 32-bit color editing, white balance, veiling glare removal, all while keeping the overbright areas of the HDR image intact and fully valid for further post processing. So, even if this won't become your primary HDR tool, it is a mighty powerful addition to your bag of tricks.

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So there you go - grab a pro HDR software and get my book for free! (limited to 500, first come first served)

My publisher actually compiled a special eBook edition for this; it's a PDF with the correct layout and decent photo resolution. However, keep in mind that the bonus DVD content (which is needed to follow the tutorials) is not included in the eBook. For the full HDRI-Handbook 2.0 experience I still recommend getting the paperback edition (currently only $35 on Amazon).

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