HDR video done tastefully

You might have seen the Soviet Montage clip that was recently making waves on the internet. While impressive to be shot with two Canon 5Ds simultaneously, it was tonemapped with a sledge hammer for no apparent artistic reason. "Because we can" doesn't count in my book.

In the meantime new HDRx footage from the Red EPIC surfaced. This is just a flat transfer with no visual enhancements whatsoever, but impressive for being shot all in-camera on a single sensor. The HDRx mode is now confirmed to come to the Red Scarlet, although that goes along with an unexpected increase in price.

By far the most creative use of HDR video is in this short movie by Patryk Kizny. Although shot with "traditional" HDR timelapse bracketing, it's treated with much care and tonemapped tastefully. A clear demonstration how HDR video in the hands of a skilled artist can turn it into pure gold.

Autumn. A short timelapse film from Patryk Kizny on Vimeo.

By the way, the crazy cool robot dolly in that video is a pre-production unit of the DriveCam Slider. Patryk seems to be the maker, ramping up for business. Check out some of the other movies on Patryk Kizny's website, especially don't miss the snaillapse.

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