Happy 2011

My personal New Years Resolutions: I smoke no more cigarettes (there, I said it!). Oh, and finish the second revision of the book.

Yes, the second revision is what I already promised last year. My excuse is that I'm a working photographer/VFX artist, just like you, constantly tackling new challenges. And especially last year I learned new things faster than I could write them down. Catching up, though. For now, here is an example of what I did last summer:

[ Watch The Cape Reel from Eden FX on Vimeo ]

Not just me, but the entire gang at Eden FX was cranking out a massive amount of CG cloth goodness for this pilot. Thanks to a dedicated sIBL-set for each location, shot by yours truly, lighting and rendering were really the least of our worries. So we could concentrate on comping, cloth simulations, and roto-animation.

Check out the premiere of The Cape on NBC, Sunday 9PM. Damn - sounds like I get paid for saying that. Frankly, you be the judge if that show is any good. For me, it was a great experience on set, which was the Queen Mary. And for you, such opportunities result in some exclusive sIBL-of-the month.

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