August Shortcuts

Unified Color announces Photoshop plugin: 32 Float

This sounds exciting: All the great tools from HDR Expose, right inside Photoshop. The launch of the new plugin "32 Float" is scheduled for August 23, and it will be compatible with CS3, CS4 and CS5. Have not tried it myself, but if Unified Color did it right this $99 plugin could actually give your old CS3 more HDR editing tools than the upgrade to CS5.
More details in the Press Release.

Oloneo PhotoEngine enters the scene with a splash

An all-new HDR software came seemingly out of nowhere, now available as public beta. At first sight it has pretty polished interface and offers an innovative HDR ReLight module: Merge several images shot with different light sources, and then control intensity and white balance of each light individually.

Michael James has put together a first look review. Also, there is already a forum thread with great examples and rather diverging opinions on usability.

Photomatix 4 coming closer

The beta versions are coming faster from HDRSoft now, which is usually a sign of an upcoming release. Photomatix 4 promises significant speed improvements, preset thumbnails and several workflow enhancements.

Site Updates

The new sIBL-of-the-month adds a juicy green forest scene to our archive, and the battle for top seats in the Hot-on-Flickr gallery has restarted.

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