Advanced HDR tech moving forward

Francesco Banterle, known for his excellent Picturenaut/HDRShop plugin collection, has been pretty busy lately. He just released several plugin updates with SSE optimization for better speed. Coming up next is a bunch of native Picturenaut plugins, to take full advantage of multicore processing and realtime UI updates. I'll let you know when it's ready.

He also wrote a book called Advanced HDR Imaging, which is filled with tons of practical code examples, presented in student-friendly MATLAB code. If that's your kind of thing, this book contains everything an aspiring programmer like you needs for making homegrown HDR utilities and tonemappers.

Read more on the book's website or order from Amazon

HDR Video at the University of Warwick

Alan Chalmers, imaging professor and co-author of Francesco's book, has launched a special task force at the university of Warwick. He cabled up Spheron's prototype HDR video camera with a BrightSide HDR monitor. This unique million-dollar combo gives us a glimpse of where image technology is heading, a full uncompromised HDR pipeline. First studies are tapping into medical applications and surveillance, but they' re also looking at the opportunities in VFX and movie-making.

Capturing and displaying 20 f-stops with 30 fps in full 1080 is no easy feast. You're looking at a data stream of 720 MB per second (or 42 GB per minute of footage). Clearly this requires some clever compression technology. That, the media player required, and more related HDR video tech is getting published under the label GoHDR. Currently looking for beta testers.

PS: Monthly Site Update:

Over here in the real world, I just witnessed my coworker (long-time Lightwaver) giggle in joy, as he discovers MAX and Vray. And sIBL-GUI, of course.
Here's a 5-click render from him, testing the new sIBL-of-the-month. Steps were literally:
  1. Create Teapot Primitive
  2. Apply green-ish VRay Glass Material
  3. Lauch sIBL-GUI
  4. Choose the new Chiricahua NarrowPath set
  5. Apply and Render
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