Tandent Lightbrush released

An incredible new software has surfaced, that can separate a photograph into reflectance and illumination components.

Simply mind-boggling, isn't it? Imagine the creative potential that opens up when you change one of these components and then recombine them. You can change colors and textures of objects, alter the shadow softness, relight a photo digitally, and whatnot...

At this time there is no demo version and detailed information how this software really works is sparse. Mike Seymour wrote an excellent article on FXGuide, and our good friend Lee Perry-Smith says this:

You use helpers and guides to identify areas on the input image that you want to process. So you can identify the shadow areas and then identify the sample average of the light area, so it can process the differences. It works best on RAW images but can work to some degree on .JPG's.

I only got to see the before and after images that I sent over to evaluate the program, I didn't get to use it. At the time there were some videos floating around on their website of it in use but they have gone now I think.

That apple and building example on their site is the best case, controlled sample. I think there is a reason why there aren't many images of peoples faces or body shots on there, simply because the results aren't that consistent but I could be wrong.

Well, this process will only get better in time. It's a great start, an exciting glimpse at the future of computational photography. Read the official description (and order your copy for today's special of $1500) on www.tandent.com/lightbrush/

PS: Burning Man 2012 just ended.

I couldn't go, sadly, and so I watched the live stream while stitching some panoramas I took in on the playa in 2011. Here is last year's Temple of Transition for you, in the sharing spirit of Burning Man as free monthly sIBL set.

Love, and Peace Out!
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