September update

The sIBL of the month is a real gem from my personal collection: the milky way in it's full glory. So get your shiny space ship ready and render away to new frontiers.

Also, there is now a German forum section, after I realized that the German version of the HDRI Handbook became pretty popular. Not quite sure how many readers of the Czech HDRI Handbook are around here, but so far I haven't had any request for a Czech forum....

Next stop: Photokina

Photokina is about to happen, and it will be great this year.

Nikon just got the new D90 out, with 24p HD movie mode and the low-noise CMOS sensor known from the D700 and D3. Bracketing is limited to 3 frames, though. Personally I will wait for DX-sized CMOS sensor to come to the successor of the D300... Also new are the Pentax 200D and the Canon 50D. There's even rumor of a Canon 5D Mark II, and Photokina sounds like just the right launch event.

I will hold a workshop at Photokina as part of the fotoespresso series, organized by my publisher dpunkt. Seats are going fast, considering that this is a super slick deal: For 99 Euros you get a copy of the HDRI Handbook, a daypass for Photokina, and all the personal tutoring I can cram into three hours. The workshop will probably be split 70/30 into a presentation and a hands-on problem solving part where I'll try to answer your questions.
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