Sony XEL-1: First consumer-grade HDR Display?

Sony launches the first OLED Screen on December 1st in Japan. These are the main specs:
  • Contrast Ratio 1,000,000:1
  • 3 mm thin
  • 11" screen size
  • 960 by 540 pixels resolution
  • HDMI input, USB, Ethernet connection
  • price tag: $1,700
The first number is what makes this screen so special. Million-to-One contrast ratio equals a dynamic range of about 20 EVs! If Sony can hold this promise, that would even outnumber the infamous BrightSide Display which holds the record with 300,000:1 (or 18 EVs). But Dolby owns Brightside now, and thus Dolby also owns several patents on HDR display driver technology and HDR-capable video codecs. It wouldn't even surprise me if Sony's software is the missing link that prohibits showing HDR content (still or moving) in its full glory, crippling this screen to a "boosted LDR" television set. We will see...

However, the hardware is sound and affordable. Here is some more insight on the technology:

More elaborate info on the official Sony press release,
some more images and tech specs on the japanese press release (google translated),
and for a closer look at the device check out Sony's slick flash presentation.


As with all the cool japanese toys, US customers can order them directly from Dynamism.

PS: Site Updates

There is a new Monthly sIBL Set, and of course the Hot On Flickr gallery was rebooted for photos taken in October. And in case you missed the big countdown clock, there about two weeks left before my book hits the shelves. I have honestly no idea if Amazon will pull the plug on the pre-order special or not, but I assume the discount will at least stay valid as long as the release countdown is running...

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