Software rebates for my readers, Round 2

Last December I nailed some top deals for my readers.
And now, after some more negotiations, I proudly present the extended deal.

Autopano Pro and Ariea HDR Max joined in, as well as the fabulous Photoshop-Plugins ProEXR and Filter Forge. Many thanks to all the participating software vendors.

All together there are now 11 coupons on the Software page, that you can unlock with the right password from the HDRI Handbook. If you would use all the coupons, the savings alone add up to more than $260.00! Considering that the HDRI-Handbook is just $33.00 on Amazon, this is a sweet roll-your-own-bundle deal.

Here are all the details:



You Save

NEW: Autopano Pro




NEW: Ariea HDR Max








NEW: Filter Forge




Dynamic Photo HDR




Essential HDR








FDRTools Advanced








infiniMap exr




Photomatix Pro




Go get 'em, Tiger!

[Disclaimer: Some prices might be off due to currency conversion. All rebates only valid for new software purchases, there is no refund given for software you already own.]

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