Picturenaut 3.0 released

I'm just reading a book on webdesign, and that told me I should get to the point:

Picturenaut 3 rocks!

Our very own HDR program is up for a major revision:
  • New interface (that I helped design)
  • Local Tonemapper
  • RAW support
  • Plugin-SDK
  • And more
Full feature list and download here.

NOTE: Picturenaut is still donationware.

You decide how much it's worth to you. Marc Mehl, the lone programmer, has put a lot of passion into making Picturenaut so awesome. Please show some balls and buy Marc a beer ($5), a movie ticket ($10) or a dinner ($20). It's easy to be grateful.

Other things worth mentioning

There's a brand new sIBL-of-the-month, just shot it a month ago on my home vacation. I snuck into the ruins of an old factory, a very Piranesi-esque environment of decay and nature reclaiming the place. Check out the High-Res Panoview here.

Also, the battle for front seats in the Hot-on-Flickr gallery is on again. Wonder if we'll see some Picturenaut submissions this month...

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