sIBL-GUI 3 released, along with a flood of new sIBL sets.

The new version of our automagical HDR lighting tool turned out awesome:
  • Real Google Maps inside
  • Seamlessly ties into Max, Maya and XSI via socket connections.
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Extendible with components
  • Database for managing huge amounts of sIBL-sets

Get sIBL_GUI 3 here, and check out this QuickStart screencast:

NOTE: If you're upgrading from sIBL_GUI 2, do a fresh install, DO NOT install over the old version. And in particular, make sure you're installing the new helper scripts for Maya/Max/XSI - the old ones are not compatible and won't connect to sIBL_GUI 3 correctly!

Veterans should also take a minute to see what's new in this in-depth screencast:

To celebrate this historic launch, Alex Hart from the Rhode Island School of Design donated 12 new sIBL sets for our archive. Awesome, thanks Alex!

On top of that, our dutch friend Bob Groothuis donated not one, but 4 unique sets for June's sIBL-of-the-month! It's a recently discovered bunker from the world wars, looks spectacular in this pano tour.

LightBitch 1.4

Lightwavers, on the other hand, can enjoy a brand new version of LightBitch - the down and dirty alternative way of HDR-lighting by extracting light sources.

LightBitch is now fully 64-bit compliant and has a special Export Compatible mode. That will ensure the generated light rig works perfectly fine in Maya, Max and XSI, via Lightwave's standard FBX export.

One more thing...

... in case you'd like to know what I'm doing in my day job. NBC just picked up The Cape for next season, which is the pilot I was recently working on at EdenFX.

We did the cape for the training sequence in CG, of course lit entirely with Smart IBL (in Lightwave). For this I spent some fun nights on set at the Queen Mary, shooting about 40 custom sIBL environments. And spent some more nights lighting, rendering and compositing. Also, we did several smoke effects here that required LightBitch to work nicely with MAX+FumeFX. See, I wasn't kidding: Smart IBL and LightBitch are production-proven, quite frankly I don't see how we could roll without them anymore.

Here's the trailer:

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