May's Mashup of Noteworthy News

Even after more than 3 years of weekly blogging, I'm still experimenting with this format. In contrast to all the long elaborate posts, let's try an aggregation of two-liners:

AKVIS HDRFactory enters the scene. Apparently includes ghost removal brush. Not sure if its toning capabilities differ much from AKVIS Enhancer. First (hurried) review came up here.

Oloneo PhotoEngine v1.0 launches on Tuesday. This is your last call to sign up for a 25% rebate. Last minute addition is a Lightroom plugin and export to Photoshop. Great review here.

Good bye Space Shuttle! While my friend Trey Ratcliff's beautiful photo went viral, NASA published an entire gallery of close-up panoramas. By the looks of it, all shot in HDR.

HDR Light Studio live in Maxwell. If you previously questioned the usefulness of this standalone HDR panorama creator, the new Live Integration Plugins will swing your opinion.

The Art of HDR photography. My former co-author Uwe Steinmüller published a very cool HDR guide on dpreview. I comply with everything he said, except that bracketing order (-,0,+) is essential for keeping your sanity when looking at day's worth of HDR brackets.

I love my new 85mm f/1.4 lens.
Snatched this baby from a virtual yard sale my friend Michael James is having right now. Instantly took it on an evening hike to the Yamashiro in the Hollywood Hills, for some shallow-depth-of-field HDR photo action in low light. Fun stuff.

If you're quick you may be able to pick up some goodies, before the leftovers go on ebay:

Let me know in the comments how you like this new blog style. Should l send more of these concise posts through the tubes?
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