Contests, Conferences and a Coupon Code

Catchy headline, eh? We’re dealing with three completely separate news items here, each of them awesome on its own.

Unified Color launches “True Vision HDR Contest”

The maker of HDR Photostudio are launching an HDR photo contest. It will run all year long, with three rounds of winnings, the first one coming up in May.

Now, I know what you’re thinking - “they just want to fill their gallery with my photos”. But hold on - I wouldn’t drop this hint if it wouldn’t be worth it: They have insanely great prizes!!! Literally a pile of great photo gear is waiting for you, topped with a professional workshop from National Geographic Expeditions and a MacBook Pro.

May 12 is your first submission deadline, sign up here.

International Panoramic Photography Conference

On April 14 − 18 the small town of Tucson, Arizona will turn into a buzzing hub of pano fanatics. The winning formula is:

Top Speakers + Scenic Location + Great year for new Hardware/Software = Kick-Ass Conference!

I will be there as well, talking about “HDR and what Hollywood needs your panoramas for”. You'll get to see a good part of my SIGRRAPH presentation (which was always well received), enhanced with some exclusive clips and making-ofs from EdenFX.

Highslide JS

Check out the full schedule to see what the real big stars in the pano scene are talking about: Jook Leung, Greg Downing, Jeffrey Martin, and many more.

April 14 is approaching quickly, and the hotel is filling up, so better sign up now.

Get HDR Darkroom for 15% off

Frequent visitors of this site know that my readers get unmatched discounts on most commercial HDR software. You just need to punch the password from the HDRI Handbook into the sidebar on the Software page.

The great folks at HDR Darkroom, newest member of the HDR utility/tonemapper family, join this tradition now. Your special rate is $67.15 - that is 15% on top of the introductory 20% discount on $99. Pretty cool, eh?

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