CS5 and Magic Bullet

Photoshop CS5

Adobe started a countdown page, in search for some big social networking hype. The big selling feature is Content-Aware Fill, and it looks very useful for cleaning up panoramas after stitching.

Here's a less popular, but much more informative sneak peek video:

More feature goodness:
Better Edge Selection and Masking - Sounds simple, but may turn out to be most awesome.
Paint Tools - new brush bristles, and several handy shortcut enhancements.

If it would be for me, I'd be happy with a simple Curves Tool in 32-bit mode. But let's see, maybe there's more in CS5 than they dare to disclose yet...

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks

Magic Bullet used to be one of our secret weapons at Eden FX when it comes to color grading and finding just the right look. And now you can have that same magic in Photoshop as well.

According to the feature list it works in 32-bit. And yes, it includes Curves and all the other tools you're missing in Photoshop (until CS5?). Haven't yet tested it myself, but if it's half as good as the original After Effects plugin it's worth its weight in gold.

Read more about it on Stu Maschwitz' blog.

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