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sIBL background perspective issue (Read 2405 times)
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sIBL background perspective issue
05/03/14 at 18:56:44
Noob question. I'm creating a fly-by animation for a client project and I'm using sIBL for lighting and as a background object. Whenever I render, my background does not match the 3D objects in the scene so the result is that my objects appear to "float" and "slide" over the background. Now this is probably a fairly easy compositing issue but due to time restraints I'm trying to avoid having to composite the background in AE. Any thoughts?
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Kel Solaar

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Re: sIBL background perspective issue
Reply #1 - 05/04/14 at 07:45:39

The point of view of a given Ibl / HDRI image is only valid at the center of it, the more you move your camera out from the center, the more problems you will have. A side effect is that you can't do what you are trying to achieve (A fly by). If you want to have a wysiwyg workflow either scale the dome to a huge size to limit the parallax or constrain it to your render camera.

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