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Camera projections in 3DS Max and other applications (Read 3448 times)
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Camera projections in 3DS Max and other applications
04/04/14 at 03:38:49
I have a scene that I have modelled from a site survey that I undertook and I have projected a panoramic image that I captured at the same time back onto this geometry.

To do this (in 3DS Max) I've added a shell material so I can use a different setup for viewport preview and render:

Viewport: I've simply added a spherical UVW map with the panorama plugged into the self illumination slot. This method requires subdividing the geo a lot in order to minimise distortions which isn't ideal.

Render: I converted my spherical pano to a cubic map (six 90 degree faces) and these are projected using six camera map per pixel projections (with the help of cameramapgemini plugin).

Job done.... not quite.
The problem is that my panorama alignment isn't perfect so I'd like to make some adjustments, leaving the geometry in tact.

As far as I'm aware, this can't be done with the Camera map per pixel method as it doesn't use UVs.

I'd prefer not to use the regular projection method if I can help it as I'd like to keep things simple. Plus editing UVs to align the projections on a dense mesh seems far from ideal.

So my question is: is there a better method? are other packages better for this type of thing or do they use the same projection methods? I've used Nuke and seems a good candidate to try but I've not used the projections side of it yet.
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