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SIBL and Maya 2013 Issue (Read 2299 times)
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SIBL and Maya 2013 Issue
08/11/12 at 16:12:41
I'm getting a couple of render warnings when I use SIBL with Maya 2013. The output window is saying "type conflict: "color1" is type color, "maya_multdiv" returns type vector".

I know this is more of a warning about value types being plugged into a different kind of input than an outright error but I am getting a few issues when rendering with the batch render just quitting half way through the render and even a blue screen once or twice. I'm not convinced the latter is related to SIBL but it hasn't happened with any other setup.

Also a quick question, is there a way of deleting SIBL from the scene that deletes all of the connections too? Just deleting it from the outliner leaves a lot of the under the hood stuff floating round that still affects the final render.

Thanks for your help and fantastic bit of software too!!

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Kel Solaar

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Re: SIBL and Maya 2013 Issue
Reply #1 - 08/25/12 at 09:20:42
Hi sorry for the long time delay for the reply!

Yeah those are warning and shouldn't be much of an issue, Mental Ray integration in Maya has always been problematic with the kind of issues you are describing, I had a lot of this problems especially with the occlusion shader where at some point you have to restart Maya to be able to render again Sad

As for deleting the nodes you can use this Python script:

def deleteSmartIblNodes():
	This definition deletes **Smart Ibl** and **Lightsmith** lights nodes.

	:return: Definition sucess. ( Boolean )

	nodes = []
	selection = cmds.ls(sl=True, l=True, dag=True)
	if selection:
		prefixes = []
		for node in selection:
			relatives = [node]
			nodeRelatives = cmds.listRelatives(node, f=True, ad=True)
			nodeRelatives and relatives.extend(nodeRelatives)
			for relative in relatives:
				if re.search(r"\w*_Root$", relative):
					if relative.replace("_Root", "_Support").split("|")[-1] in cmds.listRelatives(relative, ad=True):
						prefixes.append(relative.replace("_Root", "").split("|")[-1])
		for prefix in prefixes:
			userChoice = cmds.confirmDialog(title="sIBL_GUI", message="Nodes with following prefix : '%s' are planned for deletion! Would you like to proceed?" % prefix, button=["Yes", "No"], defaultButton="Yes", cancelButton="No", dismissString="No")
			if userChoice == "Yes":
				nodes.extend(sorted(cmds.ls(prefix + "*", l=True)))
		result = cmds.promptDialog(title="sIBL_GUI | Nodes Deletion",
	                message="Enter scene 'Smart Ibl' Nodes prefix ( 'sIBL' ):",
	                button=["Ok", "Cancel"],

		if result == "Ok":
			prefix = cmds.promptDialog(query=True, text=True)
			nodes.extend(sorted(cmds.ls("%s*" % prefix, l=True)))

	for node in nodes:
		if cmds.objExists(node):
			print("sIBL_GUI | Deleting node: '%s'!" % node)

	return True


Let me know!

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