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sIBL Workflow (Read 1545 times)
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sIBL Workflow
01/23/12 at 17:07:52
Hi all,

I am officially a complete newbie to this amazing program and I'm having some trouble understanding the workflow of sIBL_GUI and sIBL_edit, so I'm hoping someonce can give me someone can give me a quick run through of the workflow.

I've watched Bloch's sIBM Edit vid, and the sIBL_GUI 3 quick run through vid.  So I have a general understanding, but it's still not completely in my head.

So I'm going to give an account of how I understand the workflow and put list some questions at the end, thanks in advance for any help!

Workflow (for Lightwave) >

1: Start with a Lat/Long HDRI
2: Open with sIBL_edit and break it into the constituent files, do any editing / tweaking and save, creating a set of files and the .ibl file
3: I assume the Lightwave plugin developed by Bloch is simply installed as a Lightwave plugin and opened from within lightwave, simply opening the .ibl file and tweaking from within the plugin before applying to the scene.

Seems pretty straight forward.

Questions >

1) But if that's the general workflow, what is sIBL_GUI used for?
2) What are templates from within the GUI, I assume these are some kind of presets for the various plugins that are developed?
3) Does working with Lightwave currently support the GUI program?  I understand the GUI seems to be some kind of integrated extension of the 3D app, to enable fast switching of the ibl set-ups, am I correct in thinking it's optional?!

I appreciate any light (no pun intended!) you can throw on the subject.
What is the GUI portion, can this integrate with LW 10.1?

*Confused* Sad

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Re: sIBL Workflow
Reply #1 - 01/23/12 at 17:47:25
Hi cptwhite,

Let me answer the three questions backwards:

3) For Lightwave you don't need sIBL-GUI. The LW plugin is all you need. It does everything sIBL-GUI does, hence Lightwave isn't even supported in sIBL-GUI.
2) Max and Maya have many different render engines, and so there is a template in sIBL-GUI for each one.
1) Initially, we had integrated plugins for Max and Maya, just like the Lightwave one. But as the Lightwave plugin became more complex, it became harder to put the same level of support in the Max and Maya plugins. And XSI was even harder, so Kel Solaar made sIBL-GUI to unify the loading process for Max, Maya and XSI.

Lightwave and Cinema4D are both completely covered with native plugins.
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Re: sIBL Workflow
Reply #2 - 01/23/12 at 19:59:21
Excellent, so I'm not a complete idiot then! 

Many thanks for clarifying this Blochi, and thank you for your excellent work on this project! Smiley
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