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Gamma and Linear workflow? (Read 2034 times)
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Gamma and Linear workflow?
08/13/11 at 09:03:27

Im working in 3Dsm, with my own hdri to light it upp with sIBL. Ive got some basic questions about gamma and Linear workflow. My goal is to get the natural light in my cg to composite it with some matchmoved footage. Im a little bit confused about the gamma settings. Ive read the HDRI handbook and I know there is two ways of make this thin. I wanna do the right way so Im showing you my settings and hope someone could say if Im doing it right.

Ive gamma corrected my 3d studio with vray like this:

Gamma = 2,2
Affect color and material = Checked
and input bitmap and output = 1,0 (pic 1)

Then in my vray color mapping Ive chosen Linear and set the gamma to 2,2. (pic 2)

And when Im importing material (not in this scene but later) Im choosing it to overide with 2,2 gamma.

Ive also changed to vray frambuffer instead of maxs regular.

I didt do anything to my hdri except using it in sIBL.

My result is in pic 3 with sIBL and teapots with plastic and chrome material.

Am I doing it right? or is it something Ive forgotten? Should I checked the Linear workflow in vray color mapping? Do I have to do anything in Sibl-Gui?
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