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Message started by Teresa on 07/31/15 at 16:03:17

Title: sIBL broke my RenderMan Materials
Post by Teresa on 07/31/15 at 16:03:17
Hi, in Maya 2016 + RenderMan 20.1 I have simple plane and sphere. Both have "PxrLMGlass1" material. Renders are showing that objects are transparent glass using an RenderMan Enviromental Light.
When I delete that light and add sIBL enviroment using the sIBL GUI (it works but not for the first time) but after my sIBL group apears in my Outliner and I do a preview render I see nice enviroment but all my materials which were before glass are showing as some white basic material.
Have anyone please idea how to fix it?
Thanks, Teresa...
Screen_Shot_2015-07-31_at_17_02_23.png (Attachment deleted | 110 )
Screen_Shot_2015-07-31_at_17_00_18.png (Attachment deleted | 99 )

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