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Message started by spittle on 02/24/14 at 01:55:05

Title: HDR handbook 2 question - RAW processing
Post by spittle on 02/24/14 at 01:55:05
Hey Christian

I finally put book one back on the shelf to replace with the new version. Mind if I ask a few questions?

I was reading on page 184, regarding Lightroom 4 Update:

"In particular,the Exposure value must be −1 EV and the Contrast value −40... thatís the best equivalent of what were the zero settings before."

Do you know if this is also the case in Photoshop Adobe RAW converter? I'm using ver 6.7 with CS5.

Also - if I've created a colour profile with a XRite colour checker. Should this be applied under the profiles tab during RAW conversion?

And by doing this, am I essentially doing a less robust version of the camera profile acquisition in which you did using brackets on page 170?

Or does this still need to be done during the HDR merge stage?

Note: I'm learning how to calibrate my HDRs for IBL and scene reconstruction.



Title: Re: HDR handbook 2 question - RAW processing
Post by spittle on 02/24/14 at 03:41:34
....and here comes the problem.... :)

I have merged to HDR using Photomatix. I have not selected the 'source images are linear' button.

I have opened my EXRs along with the best exposure in Nuke to grade the EXR to match the exposure as best as I can.

But clearly something isn't quite right and sorry if this is off the original topic.

I've attached a screenshot from Nuke - this is using the sRGB viewer.

I've adjusted the offset of the EXR to match the source image. In this example there is a variance in illumination across the image, and I guess this is telling me that either my source image isn't sRGB, or I've not been successful increating a linear EXR.

Or neither of the above! :)
Any ideas?
Grade_EXR_to_source_image.jpg (Attachment deleted)

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