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Message started by jhinrichs on 07/31/13 at 22:19:34

Title: Lightwave Render Weirdness
Post by jhinrichs on 07/31/13 at 22:19:34
I haven't done any sIBL stuff in awhile.  Since I've done anything I installed the latest release of Lightwave (11.5.1, I haven't tried this with 11.6).  I started working with sIBL 2.2, but installed 2.4 beta when I encountered this issue.  In both versions of sIBL I get the issue discussed below.

When I render I am getting a line right through the exact center of the camera where objects are darker above the line and lighter below the line.  I don't remember seeing this the last time I did some sIBL renders in Lightwave.  It's possible this was happening and I just didn't notice it though.  I just looked at it briefly back then.

I'm enclosing some screen shots to show you what I am encountering.  Any thoughts or workarounds?

img1.png (Attachment deleted)
img2.png (Attachment deleted)
img4.png (Attachment deleted)
img5.png (Attachment deleted)

Title: Re: Lightwave Render Weirdness
Post by jhinrichs on 07/31/13 at 23:45:39
Eh, nm...it was the ground plane.  Didn't know you were adding one!

Works good, thanks for putting this plugin out there.  Works great!

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