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Message started by comeinandburn on 10/11/12 at 03:53:57

Title: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by comeinandburn on 10/11/12 at 03:53:57

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't find anything by searching the forum.

Has anyone made a loader script for Blender, and any of it's available renderers?  I'm been wishing for this for what seems like forever and brought it up several times on the Blender forums but apparently I haven't reached the right ears:)

I don't believe that people realize how useful this would be!

Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by Kel Solaar on 10/14/12 at 09:31:24

Yeah it's on my TODO list since a few years now, but it's very deep in the stack unfortunately :(


Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by comeinandburn on 11/08/12 at 14:52:17
that's too bad:)

I'm not a coder at all so I'm not able to get this going, but theoretically would templates for other applications be helpful in making one for Blender? 

Do you think it's possible that someone like me would be able to caveman their way through it?  I've even considered making a small bounty for this if it's not too complicated.

Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by tischbein3 on 11/08/12 at 20:42:44

Just my 2 cents on this and I might be wrong on some issues:

- IMHO it is practically impossible to setup a cycles nodetree / modify an existing one by python, wich would be needed to incooperate sIBL GUI

- still a lot of features missing: Like a shaddow catcher shader

the irony about this is, without the above, it would be an ideal reference render engine to calibrate sIBL sets, since:

- everyone has access to it
- easy to setup an interface layout for non-blender users
- more or less unibiased render engine wich includes light types
- color management included (linear workflow)
- interactive
- speed good enough for a simple reference scene.

Anyway the only thing I can provide are two screenshots how to manualy setup an enviroment nodetree to
incooperate all three images of a set correctly, and a
simple ground shader wich might be enough for your needs:


cycles_enviroment.jpg (Attachment deleted)
cycles_plane.jpg (Attachment deleted)

Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by comeinandburn on 11/22/12 at 15:13:48
Hi Chris,

  Your explanation of the difficulties involved is likely why I didn't get any responses in the Blender community.  The screenshots of Node setups will be helpful in setting this up manually. I'll have to do some tests myself to get familiar with this.

  You refer to the problems to get this working with Cycles, but you didn't mention Blender Internal or any other Addon Render engine.  Would it be possible to make this work if it's using a non-nodial render engine? 

  There are several other engines that would be quite suitable for this including Yafaray, Mitsuba, Microrender, there's even a working Vray addon.


Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by tischbein3 on 11/23/12 at 11:05:21
as for blender internal, you would face similar problems, most noteable: there is no ray switch implementation or other way to switch the individual maps during render time.


Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by comeinandburn on 11/23/12 at 18:39:41
I see,

thanks for the explanation:)

Just one last thought, there is an addon call Texture Layer Manager that can do something like I'm hoping for.  Once enabled in the addons, it can be used in Texture mode to automatically assigns additional textures and selects the appropriate channels (colour, bump, spec etc).

I wonder how they do it?


Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by raveled on 03/17/13 at 06:03:55
I don't even really know what a loader script is,

But this may be a simple solution, which is a node tree I found when looking here and at Blender Artists for a way to use sIBL set in Blender.


Atom has a file attachment on his post which is the complete node tree ready for use, but so far I only know how to use it by assigning each image manually.


Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by Kelly Bellis on 04/03/13 at 11:51:30
... months later a stranger wanders across this page and wonders ...

@tischbein3 - Are you still convinced that brute force is the best route for folks traipsing through the Blenderlands?

And if so, could a hybrid of sorts possibly be considered; i.e., and just as an example (spit balling), create either a collection of discrete Blender projects with individual pano node-tweaked lighting scenarios in manual form like your examples above - or - a single Blender project with those same discrete scenes - saved in something like:

Blender IBL Library

Then an addon script within Blender that would basically facilitate as a simple little GUI with the Blender IBL Library and automate the Shift+F1, Link/Append of the tweaked image based lighting scenes. The display of selectable scenes (e.g., thumbnails of the panos) in a little viewer that are available in the Blender IBL Library while in this process would be fantastic! 

As a noob to Blender and no Python experience what-so-ever, feel free to shoot this idea down with a bat of an eye ;)

Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by Kelly Bellis on 04/03/13 at 11:55:38
And one more thing...

The discussion continues here:

Title: Re: Blender Loader script(2.6x)?
Post by sandy morgan on 11/08/14 at 16:13:34
There are several experts here, surely they know more about that, but I wish they could get your attention.

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