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Message started by Steve Chapman on 06/06/12 at 19:21:51

Title: OCC Version 2
Post by Steve Chapman on 06/06/12 at 19:21:51
We may be limiting ourselves with this decade-old UI shoehorn, perhaps a good direction will be to extract the DS portion of the OCC and substitute in a new concept like


I know most of our code is running on the ARM chip but the Arduino is capable of handling most of our current tasks.

perhaps a camera control shield for developers would be an enticing product for a Kickstarter program and might encourage others beyond our current interest group to become involved?

Title: Re: DS or NO DS?
Post by Steve Chapman on 07/12/12 at 22:52:17
I've done a proof of concept using just our Arduino and a Adafruit touch shield. I'd like to create another shield that goes in between the CP and the screen with all of our possible camera connections. Right now the OCC design works pretty much as-is with this config.

Title: Re: DS or NO DS?
Post by Yogie on 07/13/12 at 06:55:25
Steve that looks great are you going to use a USB connection towards the DSLR? Did you ported the entire OCC Bracket?

Title: Re: DS or NO DS?
Post by Steve Chapman on 07/24/12 at 03:45:40
I haven't ported any full programs yet, mainly because I hadn't finished this piece... the OCCv2 camera shield rev 1. The LCD screen fits over this, the original optical isolator circuit has been routed to pins 2 and 3 on the Arduino, with a simple change to account for the five volt level used when the Arduino is on USB, the isolator is hooked through a resistor directly to the 3.3 volt supply, and the ground pin floats to 5v high until the shutter is triggered by grounding it. I'm not sure if we have enough pins left to do a USB? There are two more analog pins left for us to play with, I'm adding a motion sensor as a test, but there is room left for any number of sensor add-ons.

In the same manner that OCC v1 made any DS game accessories potential camera devices, this new version allows us to draw upon the many Arduino sensor projects and use them with our cameras.

Also, the LCD shield has an SD card that can store and display images, as well as presets for our programs.

Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Steve Chapman on 07/27/12 at 02:48:40
It took less than fifteen minutes to install and code this Parallax infrared trigger to fire the camera when movement is detected. Unfortunately, in the midst of testing the 5DIII rolled on top of the screen and cracked it!

Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Yogie on 07/27/12 at 07:19:35
Hi Steve!

Thanks for sharing and sorry about the breaking.

I'm not a technical guy in electronics but I think we should try to get a USB connection to get more control of the DSLR!

And trying to find a solution out of using any Smartphone or Gaming Console is the right way. But it should combine the functionality (and add even more) and having a nice and user-friendly GUI. I would be more than glad to take my hand on programming it :-)


Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Steve Chapman on 08/25/12 at 01:30:08
A new screen and a new day, the stand-alone OCC2 is coming along nicely thanks to a new 3D printer that's been cranking away on good stuff.

I think adding some kind of knurled handgrip would be helpful. Oh, and that is a micro-SD card slot for persistent settings.

Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Martin Clark on 08/25/12 at 19:49:43
wow this progress is excellent!

i would like to congratulate you on this, although the 5d3 image looks rather grainy, ha ha i jest, i know its probably not the mk3.


Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Achim Berg on 08/29/12 at 10:41:26
Hello Steve,

i see the occ2 is growing and a usb solution is getting closer. Your little green device looks great! Awesome, well done!

yours Achim

Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Steve Chapman on 08/30/12 at 01:45:40
For some reason the Cubify 3D printer comes with a cartridge of neon green plastic "ink". Now that I've plowed through that cartridge (I 3D printed a Leica M lens to Sigma DP1s camera mount, a partially completed Processing-based costume scanner, new feet for my carbon-fibre tripod (the originals disappeared in the mud of the Man O' Steel set, even Superman himself couldn't find them) a missing lens cap, and the OCC case - often going through multiple iterations because of engineering errors on my part) I have ordered a black material replacement cartridge that should make parts blend in with other camera gear.

I still need to rework the OCC2 case, as the SD card slot is unreachable and the plug-in connector for external sensors/USB is not quite fitting.

Title: Re: OCC Version 2
Post by Yogie on 10/16/12 at 13:31:01
Can't wait to have one and see it in action! ;-)

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