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Message started by bennygod on 04/16/12 at 18:01:35

Title: Circuit Testing
Post by bennygod on 04/16/12 at 18:01:35
Hi Guys, sorry I've been absent from the forum for some time, sadly its been due to a fair share of family bereavement and laterly a more happy reason in the birth of my 1st, Evie.
Anyway, i've finally got around to trying to install my OCC into the Warioware case and it's stopped bloody working! (It was previously working in packaged in a mashed up normal GBA cartridge with the IC end of the PCB hanging free)
I've got out a multimeter and checked the diodes, pin outs on the IC and all of the resistors plus a general continuity check.  I've also rewritten the IC with the code on my Dev. Board.  I've a feeling that my problem may be with the crystal oscillator (16MHz Resonator).  Can anyone give me any pointers as to how best to check if it's that little sucker causing me the problems?  Should this be showing 16MHz across it at all times when plugged into the DS and it is powered?

I've also tried to see if I can detect voltage between ground and either full or half press when I've activated the shutter and I get nothing.

Thanks in advance for the help and it's good to be back!

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by Steve Chapman on 04/16/12 at 22:41:14
Welcome back. Have you installed the heartbeat LED specified in the latest board rev? It's a good way to tell if you are getting voltage at least, and that the MC is booting in the OCC.

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by bennygod on 04/17/12 at 08:49:58
Cheers Steve, unfortunately I am using version 3.1 of the board, which is just prior to the heartbeat LED.  Although I just need to add one in between leg 6 of the IC and pin out 31/32 on the board DS connector bank, is that correct?

I am going to try to test the Crystal Oscillator today on a scope.  If I have a power supply, what voltage do I need to supply to replicate the DSand on what pins?

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by bennygod on 04/17/12 at 15:38:57
Ok, I just put a scope across the crystal and nothing.  I have now replaced it and I definitely get a response (although i'm not sure that it is definitely 16MHz).  I have uploaded the latest program to the IC to include the heartbeat code and have solder a wire to Leg 6 of the IC and to the common point of the two 2700ohm resistors (which is effectively ground).  I've an LED on order but putting a meter across gives me a steady 3.2V - should this be fluctuating a'la a heartbeat rhythm or should it be constantly +3.2V?

Thanks again for the help guys.  Also, from when I initially built the board I have enough materials for a full 2nd board, is there any interest in this at cost (including a Warioware cartridge and the DS cartridge plus memory).  I can program the IC and also the DS program.  Let me know.......

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by bennygod on 04/17/12 at 19:02:51
Ok, I've got home and put the LED in-the-loop. I get a steady continuos light (no flashing) as soon as I boot into the Intervalometer program. I then connect to my Canon EOS 500D and it automatically starts the shutter release, even though I have pressed the DS shoulder buttons.mI seem to recal that this is a problem that I was suffering when I first put it together and I never solved it. Any thoughts? It doesnt't seem to matter what order I boot the camera, or DS or when I plug in the cable?

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by bennygod on 04/18/12 at 13:52:06
Ok, I think that my full shutter pin on the stereo plug is faulty.  It only has continuity when I add a little pressure, I guess the internal solder joint has gone.  So if the shutter is not made because of the faulty switch, why would it fire the shutter in the camera as soon as it's plugged in?

Sorry for the rambling emails, I'm trying to update as I go along with tests.

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by bennygod on 04/18/12 at 23:51:56
Ok, new 3.5mm jack and all is well with the world. Thanks for bearing with me folks... :)

Title: Re: Circuit Testing
Post by Steve Chapman on 04/26/12 at 15:45:50
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